Sunday, September 8, 2019

Mainstream Media that constantly puts out fake news having difficulty accepting they have no credibility with Sharpie-Gate and the American people

The latest faux controversy, Sharpie-gate, is leaving the mainstream media at their wits end.
  For the past 24 hours  the news has been bombarding a message that Trump lied about Hurricane Dorian hitting the state of Alabama.

It has come to be that silly!

Weather predictions are often inaccurate and it is accepted as a fact of life.  We're way past the point at getting angry at our local weatherman for getting it wrong.  But, incredibly the media wants to hold Trump responsible for a bad weather prediction as if no mistakes have ever happened before. 

Trump didn't make up where Hurricane Dorian was going to land.  He passed on the most recent prediction at the time.  Nothing more, nothing less.  However, the media is so blinded by Trump hatred they think they found a way to bring down the Trump presidency--a bad weather report.  Maybe they will file articles of impeachment next?

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