Sunday, February 9, 2020

Outrage after gunman ambushes NYC police twice in 12 hours, New York in a state of chaos

This is what anarchy looks like. 
It begins with no respect for the law.  The rest becomes a never ending stream of nightmares.  
AP reports a gunman was taken into custody Sunday after he ambushed police officers in the Bronx twice in 12 hours, wounding two in attacks that ignited outrage from officials who blamed the violence on an atmosphere of anti-police rhetoric.

The man, whose name was not immediately released, was captured after he walked into a police station in the Bronx and started shooting shortly before 8 a.m. Sunday. His shots struck a lieutenant in the arm and narrowly missed other police personnel before he ran out of bullets, lay down and tossed his pistol.

That attack came just hours after the same man approached a patrol van in the same part of the Bronx late Saturday and fired at two officers inside, wounding one before escaping on foot, police said.
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NYPD officer shot in ambush released from hospital

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