Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Cluelessly Andrew Cuomo says he’s urging sports teams to plan games without fans?

Gov. Cuomo is fond of saying he's only following the science. 
So where's the science behind his suggestion that sports teams that play outdoors can play games without fans attending games? 


Where does that come?  Apparently it comes from Cuomo's mind because there's no scientific evidence that supports his view.  Sports teams need to generate revenue.  It's how business works.  However, Cuomo who runs one the worst high tax and big spending states in the country, doesn't understand that.
It's been proven by evidence based research that coronavirus dies in warmer weather via direct sunlight under UV rays.  So where does Cuom's thinking make any sense compared to what the science says?     


  1. Like the South Korean soccer team they could stock the stands with sex dolls.