Friday, May 29, 2020

Pretty boy/Pajama Boy Democrat Jacob Frey Minneapolis Mayor doesn't know how to lead

This is the same old story time after time. 
When Democrats are in charge of a city and violence happens, they become paralyzed and no action is taken. 

It happened in New York City in 1991 with the Crown Heights riots.  Mayor David Dinkins, also a Democrat, held back the NYPD for three days.  It was a disaster of havoc and mayhem.  But, afterwards NYC elected a Republican mayor for the next 20 years!  

This Mayor Frey is a personification of weakness and the whole world can see it!   


  1. Nailed it. Beta Male Soy Boy fits him well...

  2. He looks and acts like Justin Trudeau

  3. He looks and acts like Justin Trudeau.

  4. This is what you get when we all agreed to "trigger warnings" on everything. When you acquiesce and allow the mentally weak genome to dictate social norms; then the normal human seems too "rough" for these folks.
    Normal humans wouldn't put up with this s***. They should be allowed to tell the wussie leftists to stick it!