Monday, September 28, 2020

Face facts, Gov. Cuomo: Your lockdowns cause deaths, too

Believe it or not, the most overrated politician in this country is not Joe Biden.  It's Andrew Cuomo! 

He's the worst governor in New York history.  His been shamelessly living off his father's name for years without a single accomplishment that made a difference for New Yorkers.  New York is exploding with crime right under his nose and Andrew could care less because of his security detail New Yorkers pay for.  The day he leaves office will be a brighter day for New York and the world!   

KarolMarkowicz, New York Post

Michael hasn’t touched ­another human being since March, and he doesn’t know when he will again. He hasn’t seen his wife, two children or ­aging parents in six months. When he does see them again, it will only be for an hour, every two weeks, with no physical contact allowed. The price for keeping Michael safe from COVID-19 is very steep.

Michael is in a federal correctional facility upstate. He is serving a long sentence for a financial crime. The prison is locked down to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. But like many of the guidelines of our panicked moment, the rules are arbitrary. Michael is my longtime friend, and he has been writing to me about his experience.

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