Saturday, October 10, 2020

Picture Worth 1,000 Words" America under Joe Biden, Conformity, Sameness, Un-American

 Take a good look and this photo and others I've put up the past few weeks.  Before you ask, this pic has nothing to do with the pandemic.  There's no enthusiasm for Joe Biden.  None!

Meanwhile the MSM is painting a false picture of Biden leading Trump by double digits?

Do you really believe that? 

Find me an event where Biden overfills a stadium.  It has never happened.  The same media that lied about the Mueller report, that lied and covered up for Hillary Clinton, the same media that lied about impeachment, are lying once again proclaiming Biden has tremendous support.  Look at the bottom of this tweet and see the number of don't like.      

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  1. Even Orwell could not have believed the accuracy of his own work.