Saturday, November 28, 2020

Kentucky cop rightly slugs man livestreaming an arrest with ‘solid left hook’

I have no problem with what the cops did in this case. 

The video guy deserved to ge stomped.

NY Post reports a Kentucky man was slugged by cops as he filmed the scene of an arrest.

Joe Bennett of Jeffersontown was on his way home from work last week when he saw police cars surround a vehicle and Bennett decided to tape the incident — from his own ride about 50 feet away.

The Facebook livestream which was also linked to on Twitter shows the arrest in the distance.

“I just wanted to observe, so I tried to give them distance,” Bennett told the local Spectrum1 station.

Bennett can be heard on his Facebook livestream saying he was, “Doing his due diligence as a citizen” by documenting the arrest and, “This might be the most boring live video ever.”

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  1. Ummm, no. no reason to assault a non combative party.

  2. I'm confused. How did the video guy deserve to get stomped? He was way far away from the police and not bothering them at all.

    1. Would you like someone to video you doing your job?

    2. Do you want the police to treat you like that? I don't. It is irrelevant whether they want someone to video them or not, the supreme court has ruled that person has the absolute right to video without fear of retribution.

  3. If I am a paid public servant, it is expected that I can be photographed doing my job in public. Do you want a secret police? Do you?? This is absurd to think that this person deserved to be assaulted for video recording at a distance. The government surveils you, you have the right to surveil your government.

  4. I have absolutely zero respect for the police or my fellow citizens (and non citizens) at this point.

  5. So, we live in a police state now? Your papers, peasant, or you will be hanged as a witch on my authority.