Saturday, November 28, 2020

Biden's Buddies in China?: Furry glad to be here: More rescue dogs from China’s meat trade arrive in NYC

It must be stated that the Communist Party of China, not the Chinese people, are the evil in the world.

  Slavery is happening in China.  Is anybody doing anything about it?  Covid started in a lab in Wuhan China.  Is China paying a price for what they unleashed on the world?  And these people eat dogs! That sounds like evil to me and China needs to answer for it.     

NY Post reports a second shipment of dogs, all rescued from China’s meat markets, have landed at JFK Airport — their wagging tails and happy yelps saying everything about how thrilled they were to become “Americans.”

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  1. Ah, but if you use any Apple products, you support them. Apple is fighting to stop legislation against ChiCom slave labor which is used to make their products...