Wednesday, March 10, 2021

A Conversation with LA D.A.George Gascón and his insane "progressive" ideas that coddles criminals and endangers public safety

Funded by George Soros, George Gascón, is one of numerous so-called "progressive" district attorneys that have gotten elected around the country.

These people are insane!

They are nothing but social justice warriors  masquerading as prosecutors.  They care lvery ittle about crime victims and are much more concerned about criminals.  Gascón cut his teeth as the district attorney for San Francisco.  Since leaving that city, SF  become a cesspool of high crime.  His progressive ideas are not working in San Franciusxo.  And since getting elected as district attorney for Los Angeles, he's facing a backlash.  


  1. Ya can't have a real 'conversation' with an ideologue like him. He will likely just attack you (hopefully just verbally) and sooner or later will start with the name calling, no matter how civil you are. Why waste your time?
    Seriously, can anyone name a time that one of these 'true believers' has actually changed their mind after such a conversation?

  2. Giving the voters what they voted for..... good and hard

  3. Will Gascon will be comfortable with his policies if said criminals were to live under HIS roof and sit at HIS table and sleep in HIS home for a few months? If anything than for him to prove his idea truly do work as he portrays.