Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Totally Justified Shooting: Video shows Police Shoots and kills knife wielding teen girl attempting to stab another female

On the same day Derek Chauvin is convicted of killing George Floyd,  this crap happens in Cleveland.  Let me set the stage:

·       The teen who is shot is involved in criminal activity

·       When the cops arrive said teen is still engaing in criminal activity

·       Cops orders everybody to stop, but the criminal activity continues

·       The is the point in time whereby people who know how to act would stop because the cops are there.  But that didn't happen.

·       After attacking the first female who is thrown to the ground, the teen goes after a second female in the pink outfit

·       Cops orders everybody to stop but she continues the attack.

·       Cop shoots the teen who is attacking girl in the pink

·       Justified shooting!

Fox 8 reports a teen girl was shot and killed by a Columbus police officer Tuesday evening.

Officers responded to a home on Legion Lane at about 4:45 p.m. after a person called 911 to report females were trying to stab them, according to Columbus Police Chief Michael Woods.

Columbus Police release body cam footage of officer shooting, killing girl, 16

The Columbus Division of Police released the body camera video during a news conference Tuesday night. (Click here to watch the video. WARNING: Video is graphic)

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  1. that "16 year old girl" could play defensive guard for the cleveland browns